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SEO Examples

what is the best way to invest in property 

Primary Keyword: what is the best way to invest in property

Searches: 10 per month (though phrase match variations = hundreds more)

Featured Snippet: yes

Content angle recommendations:  

NOTE: Millionacres is already ranking for this term at position 6 below, for the post “The Best Way to Invest In Real Estate Right Now”. Anything we write should focus on how to beat that, 

This term covers a lot of the same ground as our sub-hub on “real estate investing”. In fact, the Dave Ramsey post “How to Invest In Real Estate” and the NerdWallet post show in both searches. This needs some sort of angle that’s different – like “what is the best way to invest in property without buying property” (the featured snippet above) or “…to max returns”, etc. We need to focus on the term “property” here more than “real estate” (though use it), so we don’t write something that starts directly competing with the sub-hub. One angle here may be to go with a “pros/cons” approach of each investment type since the reader intent is to find an opinion on “best”. 

Page 1 Competition: Google search page 


Example Headings from Top Posts (H2 and H3 title tags representing subsection ideas):

Position 1: The Street

<h1>How to Invest in Real Estate: Buying vs. Not Buying Property</h1>
<h2>Hot Topics</h2><h2>How to Invest in Real Estate by Buying Property: 7 Steps</h2><h2>How to Invest in Real Estate Without Buying Property: 10 Steps</h2><h2>How Much Money Do You Need to Invest in Real Estate?</h2><h2>Is Real Estate a Good Investment?</h2>

Position 6: Forbes

<h1>9 Ways To Invest In Real Estate Without Buying Property In 2019 </h1>
No <h2> tags found on the webpage
<h3>#1: Invest in real estate ETFs</h3><h3>#2: Invest in real estate mutual funds</h3><h3>#3: Invest in REITs</h3><h3>#4: Invest in a real estate focused company</h3><h3>#5: Invest in home construction</h3><h3>#6: Hire a property manager</h3><h3>#7: Invest in real estate notes</h3><h3>#8: Hard money loans</h3><h3>#9: Invest in real estate online</h3>

Semantically Related Terms (Shared Vocabulary of Top 5 Results): 

Real estate investing, real estate agent, real estate market, monthly mortgage payment, monthly cash flow, real estate stocks, make decent profit, rental real estate, real estate, rental property, buying property, investment property, rental income, flipping house, property manager, financial advisor, accredited investor, flipping homes, mutual fund, mortgage payment, make money, persona finance, real estate etf, cash flow, REITs (and spelled out), stock market, good investment, due diligence, house flipping, commercial real estate, nontraded reits, passive income, investment portfolio


  • Please use the primary keyword exactly in the title and first paragraph (within first 150 characters) at minimum (preferably one more time in post if possible)
  • Please review the competitive headings to think through how to breakout your post into subsections. We also provide a theme/context recommendation at the top to provide some initial direction
  • Please layer in as many of the semantically related terms as possible. These are words Google expects to see from an authoritative post about our primary keyword. They are also a shared vocabulary of the top 5 performing posts.  Aim for at least ⅔ of list (but using as many as possible is recommended as long as the post reads naturally).
  • If there is a featured snippet, please take great care to answer the featured snippet directly (and simply) in paragraph one. Think of it as a journalistic direct lead – who/what/where/when/why. Lead with the keyword near the top of the paragraph. This is a good direction even if there is no featured snippet (as this can be added by Google in time)
  • Please think of the article in subsections with subtitles. These will be then placed as H2 title tags (an important SEO signal). 
  • Please write your draft starting on the next page of this document.
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