Teaching Digital Media

Digital marketing is one of today’s hottest topics in business education. It’s also been one of the most in-demand job opportunities of the past few years — and it’s projected to keep growing!

But what is digital marketing? And how do I teach it to students who have grown up with technology.

To get ahead in the ever-expanding world of Social Media, you need Advanced Social Selling Skills. With the right training, you will gain the knowledge necessary to succeed. By focusing on important factors like Lead Generation and Engagement.

As the largest social network in the world, Facebook is perhaps the most valuable tool for marketing your business. But first, you need to understand how it works, and how it differs from other social media. Facebook allows you to target your audience, and customize ads based on demographics, location, and interests. Then, get the greatest reach by learning how to effectively utilize ads, groups, and pages. We’ll show you how.

✦ Twitter
Twitter offers a unique marketing opportunity, and can supercharge your content strategy — when used correctly. Don’t tweet aimlessly and hope for good results. We will teach you how to effectively and professionally promote your business to keep potential customers engaged in your brand. Twitter allows you to generate leads, build awareness, and create a positive community of followers that will help spread your valuable content.

✦ LinkedIn
Learn how to achieve your marketing goals by having an optimized profile and setting up a Company Page on LinkedIn. This powerful professional networking tool lets you expand your Social Media presence and connect with a greater audience. After all, professionals are consumers too. Promote your products and services, share important updates, and recruit new talent.

✦ Instagram
Instagram is a fast-growing platform that encourages engagement from interested consumers just waiting to hear from you. With a little know-how, you can push your business ahead of the pack by reaching your target audience with spontaneous content that promotes your brand. Instagram is all about creative visual content. We will teach you how to build your audience and tell a story through effective photos, filters and hashtags.

✦ Snap Chat
Are you wondering how you can use Snap Chat to build connections and strengthen your brand? Learn how to take advantage of the new Snap Chat for Business features, and marketing options catered to the specific goals of your organization. We’ll show you how to be Social Media savvy, and catch the attention of your audience through snaps, snap ads, and more.

So sign up today for some crash course lessons on how to grow your social media business!